Christ For The Nations Association of Bible Schools


CFNABS Advisory Council:  From left to right: Charles Gyurko, Nickie Geldenhuys, Rod Groomer, Sandi Geldenhuys, Dr. Eric Belcher


CFN-Japan began as Christ For Asia Bible School, but received its present name in 1994 when it was accepted as an Official Associate of Christ For The Nations Bible School located in Dallas, Texas. CFN-Japan enjoys full privileges of association, and shares in accreditation of courses, graduate training, spiritual covering, curriculum accountability, and professional association among its administrators.

The Christ For The Nations Association of Bible Schools (CFNABS), founded in 1993, exists to further the expansion of the Kingdom of God in the nations through strengthening the work of leadership training in associated Bible Schools.  It provides encouragement, biblical accountability and networking opportunities.  CFNABS also offers consulting services related to leadership development, curriculum development and institutional management and administration.  It seeks to foster the pursuit of spiritual, academic and administrative excellence for the glory of God.

The CFNABS associate Bible schools are located in more than 30 nations of the world.  Students, staff and faculty are pioneers in evangelism, church planting, worship and music ministry, cross-cultural disciple-making, ministry to orphans, teen ministry and more--truly a vibrant and powerful expression of the CFN motto:  Christ For The Nations: More than our name, it's our mission!

The Advisory Council exists to protect and uphold the vision and values of Christ For The Nations and provides oversight for the associated Bible schools.  The members of the council serve as official representatives for Christ For The Nations.

Dr. Eric Belcher, vice president of CFN, serves as the executive director of the CFN Association of Bible Schools, and president of the CFN Fellowship of Ministers and Churches.  He provides apostolic oversight fro the council and associated schools.  Other members of the Advisory Council include Charles Gyurko, who together with is wife, Dianne, founded and directed the Christ For The Nations Bible School in Japan.  They presently serve as active board members of the CFN Japan and advisory board members of Christ For The Nations.  Nickie Geldenhuys oversees the CFN Native Church Program and Literature Crusade.  Rod Groomer serves as the director of missions at CFN and is also the directory of the Advanced School of Global Missions.  Sandi Geldenhuys serves as the special projects manager for President Dennis Lindsay, and assists with administration for the CFNABS.